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About Varied / Hobbyist Premium Member Elise Marie SyvertsenFemale/Norway Recent Activity
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here are some of my newest deviations :)

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I need to finish those I already have.. sorry

Read This Before You Ask, please!

Frequently Asked Questions:

I get a lot of questions in comments and notes, and most of them are the same. SO - if you have a question for me; before you ask me, read this and see if I can answer some of your questions here first. If this doesn't answer your question, then you can contact me.

Questions regarding my art:

Q: Can I trace your art / re-color them / color your lineart / make my own version of your art / post it somewhere else, like on my website or facebook / use your art as my icon or avatar ?

A: No. Simple as that. Not even if you give me credit or link back to my page. I appreciate when people ask first, but the answer is still no. Sorry if this sounds mean, but those are drawings I made myself, and I will encourage you to make your own drawings, too. Not use the work of others in any of the ways mentioned above. Be creative, and create your own art!
And do not repost my art elsewhere, please.

Q: Can I draw fan art of your characters?

A: Sure you can! :D I really love getting fan art! Just make sure you give me credit for the character and link back to my page! :)

Q: Do you do art trades or requests?

A: Sorry, but I don't. Simply because I don't have time to give out loads of free drawings. Free drawings are for very close friends, family, or people I for some reason feel like giving art to. But usually just people close to me in real life.

Questions regarding my novel, "SPIKE":

Q: Where can I find it?

A: In my Gallery, in one of the folders on the left side. Or here:…

Q: Where can I read more?

A: I stopped posting chapters because I want to try and get it published. And I'm sorry about not posting more chapters.

Q: When will it be published?

A: I don't even know IF it's gonna be published ^^; so this is a question I can't answer yet. All I can say, is that in one way or another, when the novel is done, you will get to read it somehow.

Questions regarding my Livestream sessions:

Q: what's the link to your channel?


Q: when do you livestream?

A: I don't schedule my Livestream sessions, I just go online if I'm drawing something and feel like sharing it. I also go online sometimes just to talk. I announce when I'm online through my Journal Entries. When I'm offline, that Journal Entry will either be edited or deleted.

Questions regarding other things:

Q: what program do you use to draw with?

A: Adobe Photoshop CS3 for coloring, and sometimes Manga Studio for lineart and making comics and such. But I mainly use Photoshop.

Q: What kind of tablet do you use?

A: a Wacom Intuos Pro, Medium sized, special edition (the only thing special about it is that it's silver-colored on the top and bottom part of the "frame" ;) ).

Q: Do you ever draw traditionally?

A: Yes! :) I do that a lot! I use loads of different mediums to draw traditionally with. Like mechanical pencils, pigment liners, ballpoint pens, Copic Sketch markers, brush nib pens (or whatever those are called), um... crayons? XD I use a lot of different things to draw with :)
I also paint stuff from time to time.

Q: Can we be friends?

A: I don't know... I mean, making friends is nice, but I'm not very good at keeping contact. Also, I need time to get to know a person. You can't just decide to be friends, y'know? At least it doesn't work that way with me... ^^; But thanks for asking! :hug:

Regarding Clubs:
I appreciate invites to clubs or when someone wants to submit my art to their club, however I do not want my art to be spread around on other places than my account, or my other account on other pages if I should choose to submit them there. I am a proud member of two clubs, and I chose to ask to be a member myself. So if I want to join a club, I'll find and ask that club myself. But as a general rule; I do not want my Anthro art to be submitted to any groups. Photos, ID's and Plague Doctor stuff I might accept being submitted to groups, but again; not my anthro work.

hey, got a minute?

help spread awareness

-It'll be over soon- by oomizuao

just a little box to try and spread awareness of sexual abuse and child abuse.
The deviation above is drawn by me, and the Artist's Comment contains some of my views on this subject, and how I want to help the victims the way I can - through art and through spreading awareness, letting them know someone cares.
Hopefully, more awareness on the subject, getting more people aware that these things actually happen to millions of children on a daily basis, will increase the chances of the victims getting help, and hopefully break the silence.

my absence...

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 4, 2014, 3:50 AM

I'm just gonna write a quick little journal letting you guys know that I'm not dead :p I've just been absent for a long while now due to, well, personal problems.
So, I'm really sorry for not having responded to any comments or notes or stuff like that.. Feel free to re-send those notes if you need a reply to them and I'll try to reply very soon.

I'll write a better update soon, too.  But for now, I just wanted to say I'm sorry and that I'll return to DeviantART shortly.

I really appreciate you all, so I feel really bad for having neglected you and this site for so long. I just needed time.. to fix my life, pretty much.

But yeah, I'll be back soon :)

looking forward to it ^^



Elise Marie Syvertsen
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
My name is Elise. I'm 25 years old, and I love drawing.
I also like writing stories and making comics.

I love animals, especially dogs :3

I also have another account here on DeviantART, that's now being used mainly for posting fanart, but if you see some of my Spike-related drawings there, it's not art theft ;) my other account is: nocturnalMoTH / :iconnocturnalmoth:

and that's about all I had to say right now.. XD

Current Residence: Norway :3
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M
Favourite genre of music: rock/metal
Favourite style of art: the original kind..
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: my cellphone, or Winamp
Favourite cartoon character: there's not enought space to mention them all.. :p


I hope you're doing okay.Hope you return I love your artwork.
Wed Dec 10, 2014, 3:15 PM
I hope everything is alright. I really love how you draw, especially when its dark. your such an inspiration and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your drawings. :)
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 3:43 PM
Pls don't leave us sweet prince
Tue Nov 25, 2014, 10:58 PM
Hows it going with spike-novel? would love to read the rest BTW have a nice weekend^^
Fri Nov 7, 2014, 2:35 PM
Yay, you're back!!! :) I love your work and am looking forward to seeing you back in action.
Wed Nov 5, 2014, 4:40 PM
omg can't wait for spike chapter 15 ore some new draws u inspire me ;)
Wed Nov 5, 2014, 12:17 PM
Hey, I used to be an account called Doofiesaurus, but I moved recently (see Doofiesaurus journal for details) but yeah, I just wanted to say that I'm pretty big fan of your work and I have been since my early days on DeviantART almost 5 years ago now!
Wed Nov 5, 2014, 3:38 AM
Hope all is well. Can't wait to see what you do next. Big fan.
Tue Oct 28, 2014, 8:31 PM
Hey I hope things are okay for you. Everyone needs a break, so I hope your's is perfect.^^
Sun Oct 26, 2014, 11:15 AM
I hope you're doing okay, Ms. Elise!
Sun Oct 26, 2014, 7:07 AM

Have you read my novel "SPIKE"? (meaning the chapters I've submitted here:… ) :) 

951 deviants said Yes



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JET-Ann Featured By Owner 1 day ago
* ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥ Merry Christmas ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥ *

Meanwhile, How are you?

The order came today to celebrate the Christmas thing I like.


You mean this Christmas and enjoy a happy time.

I hope that day is filled with blessings than anyone to tell you ~!

Once again ~

+fav  Heart ♫ Heart ♫ Heart ♫ Heart  Merry Christmas Heart ♫ Heart ♫ Heart  ♫ Heart +fav  

Piitas Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great stuff in your gallery! Great looking anthros. I like all the details you put in your drawings, they make the anthro characters more alive and it looks more real.
I like how varied you images are. You are not afraid to show less happy stuff as well, such as comparing this with this, which makes your drawings even more real.
Fantastic work! Clap 
Nanuat Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey... A burning question..

Will Sam and Spike ever get together? I hope they do. .-.
flyingstorm01 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Hope you like the fanart I made for u ^^…
cdrake66 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
belated birthday gift (soon to be painted) Birthday Gift for oomizuao by cdrake66
MasterPlasma Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
Started an awareness campaign on my profile in your honor, so to say! :D

You're such an inspiration, I hope I can be an inspiration to others, too!

Keep up the absolutely fantastic work! :heart:
Half-Empty-Glasser Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hello!  I just wanted to say that your Spike novel's first 16 chapters are incredible (including chapter 0).  I noticed you are on hiatus at the moment, and so this may become buried in all your notifications, but you have gained another watcher in me due to that novel.  I hope to see you finish it someday.  There are minor issues with it, mostly grammar and spelling though which can easily be fixed.  Your imagery is incredible and striking to read.  It is also very chilling - I have never read something which has both fascinated me and astonished me at my very core due to the horror of it as your novel has. 
Your visual art is also wonderful to behold...  But the novel is gripping as a good book should be.
I hope all is very well with you and wish you the best of luck in getting your novel finished and published!
SilverWillow77 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
I was browsing your art and i am writing several children's books slash poems that I would like to have illustrated. I am interested in knowing is you accept commisions.
td273b Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014
hello how is your Spike novel going?
RoxieIsAlive Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dear oomizuao,

Hello! You have resparked the light inside me. I've never felt more at home online than here. Thank you so much for that! And I cannot wait for Spike!
I just recently joined Deviant Art, but I can't wait to start posting!

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