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Character Survey - with Saunders and Terrance

Part One: The Violent/Sadistic/Angry Side

1. Does your character have temper problems?

Saunders: No, I don't think I do ^^

Terrance: He doesn't. And me neither ;) Y'know, not temper problems, we're not even close to that..! But yeah, we get angry sometimes I guess. Everyone does, right?

2. Has your character ever beat someone to the pulp?

Saunders: never. I don't think I've ever been into a real fight.

Terrance: I despise violence.

3. Does your character get angry over stupid situations?

Saunders: no, I hardly get angry. I just get...down, kinda blue y'know.

Terrance: I can get angry over stupid things, yeah. Me and Greggy have argued quite some times over silly things, and it's mostly my fault actually.  I don't get mad, just a little angry.
*looks at Saunders* Don't you ever get angry at Sam?

Saunders: Well, yeah sure. But I never yell at him or threaten him or anything. Sam is such a smart little dude; he understands if I just talk to him and explain to him why he shouldn't do whatever he did. Also, he's always been very careful with things and doesn't like doing things he know is wrong or that will make me upset, y'know. We're more like friends than father-son sometimes ^^ We agree on most things.

Terrance: yeah, you're lucky that way :3 You've got a great son, Saundie.

Saunders: thanks, Terr. x3

4. Have they ever destroyed/killed something out of blind rage?

Saunders: Not that I can remember. I've never gone blind with rage.

Terrance: I might have destroyed a thing or two...

5. Does he or she often get into fights?

Saunders: I think I just told you.. I've never been into a real fight.. ^_^'

Terrance: me neither. Or, not any big ones at least..

6. Is your character violent towards friends?

Terrance: Hey, you're talking to a couple of former hippies here..! ;3

Saunders: x3 *chuckle* aye. But back to the question; no, I don't see why I should.

Terrance:  same here. I'm not a violent person. I'd never be violent towards my friends.

Saunders: not in a mean way anyhow. I mean, we used to hit each other on the shoulders and that stuff when we were younger. but that was just for fun.

Terrance: hehe, yeah... Oh, and remember us three always competing on who had most scars? I think Jam won.

Saunders: yeah, with the unbreakable record of as much as three scars in total! lol XD

Terrance: haha XD yeah, that's right. And I came second, with one scar, because I had the largest one.

Saunders: yeah, you defeated my two scars with your  surgery-scar.

Terrance: so you see; removing a kidney comes with advantages. Pays off in the end, so it was worth it XD

Saunders: XD

Terrance:  come to think of it; in a certain situation, Saunders, you're not just violent, you're downright dangerous?

Saunders: what? When?

Terrance: ...remember when me and Jam tickled you?

Saunders: dude...! That's when you lost your molar!

Terrance: it was loose anyway, but yeah. Felt more sorry for Jam though. Foot plus crotch equals pain. Big time.

Saunders: ouch, yeah... But you've never tickled me since.

Terrance: yeah, you gained quite some respect after that, alright.

7. Do they enjoy other's pain?

Saunders: can't says I do.

Terrance: me neither. Not enjoy, especially not when they're, like, suffering.

Saunders: ...but we laughed our asses off when one of us fell off a bike of whatever.

Terrance: *chuckle* boy, were we a bunch of loonies...

8. If your character were to get in a fight, would they lose control and kill the other person? Do they tend to daze out and overdo it?

Saunders: ..not kill. It would all depend on who was my opponent, y'know. If it was someone who was hurting Sam or any of my friends, I could've caused some serious injuries I suppose.

Terrance: Same here. But I'd never kill anyone..!

Saunders: that's what you can call overdo it.

Terrance: word. But...what if you had a gun, and someone else had a gun pointed at Sam - would you have shot that person to save Sam?

Saunders: yes. To save Sam, I would. Would you, if someone pointed a gun at Greg?

Terrance: ..yeah. But I'd be all shaky so I dunno if I'd hit the target, y'know. ^^;

9. If someone they loved was in danger, would they react violently to the situation?

Saunders: haha, didn't we talk about that already? ^^

Terrance:  sure did! ^^

10. Has he or she been considered insane due to any 'RAWR BITE YOUR FACE' problems?

Saunders: not seriously considered, no XD

Terrance: no, not due to that kinda problems... Just for my crazy ideas.

Saunders: hehe, oh the memories..

The Sad/Emo/Depressing Side

1. Does your character react well to death?

Saunders: yeah, I think so. I think I can manage to stay pretty calm in such situations. Doesn't mean I don't get sad, though. It's just that I kinda keep my grief to myself. Don't wanna bother anyone else with my issues, you know.

Terrance: I cry my eyes out. Even when people die in movies. I'm very emotional and easily moved to tears.

Saunders: ..I've never seen you cry at movies?

Terrance: that's because we never watch sad or romantic movies together.

Saunders: oh, right ^^'

2. How does your character react to a break up or something along those lines?

Saunders: not to good. I was really sad when I had to leave my childhood sweetheart, Erin, and when my ex-wife left me I was just as crushed. I mean, I loved her. But it was for the best, actually. She had such a huge drinking problem, and she didn't want to take care of Sam. so, it's hard to say, but we're better off without her. I do get sad over break ups or fall outs, but life goes on.

Terrance: I hate break ups and fallouts. Remember how sad I was about Jam?

Saunders: oh yeah.. But you had a good reason for it. He was our best friend, and your big crush, after all.

Terrance: yeah... Damn, I miss Jamster.. But I'm glad I have Gregory ^_^

Saunders: ^^, yeah, he seems like a great guy for you.

Terrance: he's perfect <3 I'd never smile again if he'd left me.

Saunders: aw, no worries. Why would he leave such a crazy bastard as you? ;D

Terrance: XD thanks, dipshit.

Saunders: You welcome, ass hat x]

3. Is your character usually sad?

Saunders: ..not on the surface :)

Terrance: No, I'm pretty pleased with how my life is now.

4. Does your character get sad over stupid things?

Saunders: no, I guess they're good reasons.

Terrance: Not sad, but I can get very jealous over stupid things. I'm just so afraid of being left alone again.

5. Is your character offended easily, and if so do they cry?

Saunders: No, I won't cry.

Terrance: I've never seen you cry.. not once..! :0

Saunders: I never cry in front of people.

Terrance: unlike me - I cry all the time ^^;

Saunders: naw, not all the time ^^,

Terrance: But I'm easily offended. how about you?

Saunders: ..maybe. or, no, not really. not easily. Takes  a little effort to offend me any greater ;p

6. What is the most depressing thing that's happened to them, yet?

Saunders: ...When my father left us, when my brother died in the war, leaving Erin, loosing Jam, the divorce, and seeing Sam so troubled and depressed after his fallout with Spike.

Terrance: When everyone close to me rejected me and even despised me after I'd revealed that I was a homosexual. Jam truly hated me, and my parents kicked me out. I guess that was the most depressing and tough period ever. but I got through it, thanks to this here arse-wipe sitting next to me.. ^^

Saunders: lol arse-wipe? xD haha. ..and no problem by the way :3

7. Let's say someone calls your character ugly, how would they react?

Saunders: ...It'd get me a little down. I don't feel all that great about how I look.

Terrance: why? What's wrong with the way you look?

Saunders: well, nothing I guess. But I wouldn't mind some changes here and there.. Like, my nose is kinda big..?

Terrance: no, it isn't.

Saunders: the nose back is crooked and weird anyhow. And I could've had some more muscles..

Terrance: it's slightly crooked and it looks handsome on you - chicks dig it. And you don't need any more muscles, you've got some really nice man-waves on your arms, and your belly is adorable ^^

Saunders: ..ok, this is kinda awkward.. ^^;

Terrance: I was just trying to give you some compliments, I wasn't flirting, dude! ;p

Saunders: damn, we sound like teenage girls.. "oh, I'm so uglyyy!" "naw, you're beautiful!" XD

Terrance: XD hahaha!

Saunders: so, how'd you react if anyone called you ugly?

Terrance: ..I'd cry.. X'D

Saunders: haha XD yeah, probably.. But you shouldn't let it get to you, Terr. Just ask Greg.

Terrance: aww :3  ..But you do know I'm not very confident on my looks.

Saunders: yeah, I know, that's why I said it. You look good. I'm not gonna elaborate it any further, that's Greg's job ;)

Terrance:  ^^ thank you. and it's ok, I understand ;} ..(Saunders' never been any good on giving out compliments. It's not that he doesn't have anything nice to say, cos he does. Thing is he's, I dunno, shy or feels embarrassed about saying stuff like that. He feels uncomfortable about giving people compliments, it seems. He doesn't use any big words for some reason, it's just the simple ones - those that are easy to utter; good, nice, ok, fine.. those, y'know. So, heh, that's one of the many reasons he's been single for all these years.. ;p You don't get chicks if you can't give them great compliments..)

Saunders: what was that?

Terrance: oh, nothing..

Saunders: but you just whispered-..

Terrance: uh, let's move on to the next question, eh? ^^'

Saunders:   >_>

8. Name the people they care about the most, and how would they react if they died?

Saunders: Sam, and my friends. And his friend, actually. Spike, y'know. If Sam had died, I don't know what I'd do! There's never been anyone more precious to me than him, I couldn't stand losing him. I don't think anyone in the world has the strength to stand losing their child. I'd never be the same again if he died.  (I mean...I think I'd kill myself if Sam died)

Terrance: yeah, I love that little kid too. I'm his "uncle" and godfather, and I care for him like he was my kid too, almost. If Greggy died, I'd never be able to love again... And if Saunders died,... *looks at Saunders* We're like brothers. it would be like losing a sibling.

Saunders: ^-^ back the same way, dude.

Terrance:  ^u^

9. Jump back to the sweet days, how would they react if their parents were murdered?

Saunders: I wouldn't like it if they were murdered, then I'd be walking around troubled by the thought of their killer still being alive. But, I haven't seen my father in too long, so if I got a message saying he was dead - of course I'd be sad, but I hardly remember him, so I guess I'd take it pretty well. As for my mother, we were never that close. She had severe depressions and too many kids to take care of; when we were old enough, she almost chased us out of her house. I wouldn't be completely crushed if she passed.. I guess.

Terrance: I did love my parents, I loved them a whole lot, but they don't want to see me again so we've got a pretty hostile relationship. Still, I'd be in their funeral, and I'd cried. But it'd pass pretty fast.

The Happy Side

1. What does your character enjoy most?

Saunders: good weed.. no I'm just kidding! just kidding..! XD

Terrance: oh, are you, now? XD lol

Saunders: ok, ok, serious this time, heh; um, I enjoy.... I enjoy a lot of things, so I dunno what I enjoy the most. music, hanging out with friends, chilling out in the garden, spending some quality time with Sam, just simple things one often take for granted.

Terrance: being with Greggy, going out to some romantic place only we know about.. *sigh*   and hanging out with Saunders ^^

2. Is your character a happy person?

Saunders: mostly, yeah. I try to be.

Terrance:  Yeah, I'm pretty pleased with how things are, so I feel I have a good reason to be happy :3

3. Is it easy to put them into a good mood?

Saunders: aye ^_^

Terrance: me too, I think ^^

Saunders: and weed helps on the mood too... ;p

Terrance:  'a friend with weed is a friend indeed'

Saunders: lmao! XD oh-hoh! that explains it! ;-D

Terrance: XD lol no I was just kidding..

Saunders: but seriously, I don't do drugs anymore.. You know I only tried it on a few occasions when we were teens. It was sort of a part of being a hippie.. :p

Terrance: yeah, I know you completely stopped doing weed when Sam was born.

Saunders: yeah, I swore I'd never let him see me high. What about you, do you still take 'em?

Terrance: comment.

Saunders: dude, it's not good for you..!

Terrance: Then why do you sell it? Hypocrite!

Saunders:  b-but... It's how I make money.. I can't get a decent job because I have no education..! Besides, I'm not the one who sells it, I just grow it.. >_> You're the one who deals it, or gives it to the dealers. You're part of it, too, y'know :p

Terrance: yeah I know... v__v  ..hey, should we even be talking about this out loud?


Terrance: NOT AT ALL! D:

Saunders: hahaha XD

4. When they're happy, are they hyper, sarcastic, or calm?

Saunders: calm, I think. Calm and silly.

Terrance: I tend to get a bit spazzy..

5. What do they do when they're in good moods?

Saunders: laugh ;) Laugh and make jokes.

Terrance: laugh easily at everything. ^^

Saunders: And call eachother names. sometimes. Ain't that right, limp-dick? *chuckle*

Terrance: Right you are, fuck-face. *giggle, snort*

Author: o_ô  ...And you're how old again..?

6. Who cheers up your character the most?

Saunders: Sam and Terrance.

Terrance:  Gregory and Saunders.

Random/Stupid/Basic Questions

1. how tall are they?

Saunders: 1,87 m

Terrance:  1,80 m

2. Gender?

Saunders: male

Terrance: male

3. Weight?

Saunders: uhm... *shrug* I dunno.. 80 kg? 70-something? No idea.. I don't have a weight scale, those things just makes people depressed.

Terrance:  I weigh around 80 kg.

4. Race?

Saunders: golden retriver. in brief..

Terrance: anthropomorph, canid, Komondor - pure breed.

Saunders: his breed is born with dread locks, dude. How cool is that! :D

Terrance: *chuckle* ^^ we're not born with them though, but they turn into dreads pretty early on.

5. What color eyes do they have?

Saunders: yeah, what IS your eye color, Terr?

Terrance: ..I dunno, brown? dark grey?

Saunders: lol you don't even know it yourself?

Terrance: *chuckle* no ^^ I've never bothered checking XD ..but you've got brown eyes, Saunders.

Saunders: yeah, I know ;3

6. Favorite color?

Saunders: oh, um.... green.

Terrance: aquamarine.

7. Does your character have any disgusting habits?

Saunders: ...I'm not sure if it's disgusting, but when I drink chocolate milk with a straw, I blow bubbles.

Terrance: I scratch myself in public some times. O_<

8. Is he or she in a relationship?

Saunders: no, I've been single since the divorce.

Terrance: yeah, I've got a boyfriend: Gregory. I don't like being alone, so I can't understand how Saunders has managed to stay single for SO many years..!

Saunders:  it's manageable ^^'

9. Describe their morning routine:

Saunders: wake up, make breakfast for either me and Sam, or just me. Then I just do whatever needs to be done. After that we go watch some cartoons ^^

Terrance: me and Greg wake up at about the same time, we eat breakfast, and then he goes off to work, and the days I work we go together for a short while.

10. What time do they go to bed?

Saunders: whenever I'm tired.

Terrance: after the midnight movie, mostly.

11. Their career?

Saunders: I don't have a career, I never graduated.

Terrance: I'm currently a phone seller. My jobs vary a lot.

12. Time for a weird, gross question! Has your character ever eaten someone alive or dead?

Saunders: ..eggs?

Terrance:  haha XD
(about the preview file: Terrance just loves making Saunders freak out, so he's not got the hots for him or anything. He just knows that Saunders is terrified of any male approach and so he pretends he's trying to kiss him just because Saunders' reaction amuses him. Terrance is so mean sometimes.. X3 )

Yep, this is a character survey I filled out, using my characters Terrance and Saunders. I have no idea who wrote the questions, I just found them somewhere YEARS AGO! It was sort of a meme, I guess, so I just filled it out for fun and to see how well I knew my characters. I have one of Spike and Sam as well btw... :3
I also tried making a comic version of this, but realized it'd be ridiculously long. But I'll upload the this-far-sketch of it in my scraps gallery :3 ---> [link]


characters, art and text (except the questions/survey, only the answers) (C) Elise M. Syvertsen / oomizuao 2011
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