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August 22, 2012
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black and white portrait of Saunders by oomizuao black and white portrait of Saunders by oomizuao
could've worked more on this to make it look better and stuff, but... meh.. I actually got tired of this drawings halfway into the coloring part.. XD
aw well...

Saunders! :la:

..and a cup of hot chocolate :meow:

art and character (C) Elise M. S. / oomizuao 2012
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NanaLovesPie96 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
For some reason, whenever I see Saunders I think of Chad Kroeger :) (Smile) 
scaredlittlewitch Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Student General Artist
this is exactly me starring out the window in the morning when i'm having my coffee, wondering why the world is like this, cruel, dark, and un-pleasent, so full of negativity and mainstreamers, everyday.  sometimes i dream of a world where peace actually exists, or even a different realm. but not enough people want a world like that, they just want to live their daily illusions, left alone or dealing with bullshit and drama everyday. I see everyone as sheep, sleep walking, all this struggle to keep peace just causes more breakouts of war, that's the way i see it. ever feel like you've never belonged in this world? i feel like that all the time.
oomizuao Featured By Owner May 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That's deep... But I can relate to the things you say, because I used to share pretty much the exact same views. Yes, the world consists of a rather large percent of people who are like you describe them, like sheep. Or "robots" as I used to call them, because it seemed to me, at that time, that all humans were programmed like that. Only there were a few "defects", people who saw the world differently from the robots. And being a defect wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but it could often feel like a bad thing because then you'd  feel you didn't belong, because you weren't programmed the same way as the rest of the robots.
But let me tell you this; the "defects" are way more important than they think. They're unique, they make the world a very interesting place. It's just a matter of what you choose to see. If you choose to see the world for the robots, then yes, it's a sad place, but if you see it for the varieties, the mix between the "robots" and the "defects" and how that makes living interesting, then... well... the world IS an interesting place, and even if there's so much cruelty going on that we get blinded by it, loose faith in humanity because of it, we're not alone in thinking that way.. We're not alone in wanting the world to be a better place. We might seem few because we usually fail to see each other, that's the problem, but one CAN make a difference, and if one of us give it a try, we can inspire and unite others to do an effort as well. One person can make a difference. Don't think you don't belong, because you do. The world would be dull without you. And you have the power to make a change, to inspire, and to make the world more interesting, give hope to others... Let them know they're not alone with these thoughts.
You're not alone.
Besides, evil excists because we allow it to excist. We're idle about it, we sit and watch the news, or hear about bad things happening, and we wish we could do something, but thinking that we can't we decide on not even trying.
That's the problem. One person can't take on all the evil of the world, though. We'd explode, mentally, if we did...! But if everyone takes one problem each, or a bit of the problem, and try do something about it, then we can start making a change.
People need to realize that they actually can have a big impact on things, if they want it enough, and more importantly - if they make an effort to do something about it.

I don't really mean to use me as an example here, because it seems selfish, but ... When innocents suffer due to other people's cruelty, that's the worst thing there is, in my opinion. I care about a lot of things, and I want to change a lot of things, I want to make an effort to stop bad things from happening to innocents. I decided that I wanted to do what I could to prevent it, but how? I thought about it for some time, and I felt that if just more people were aware that innocents are being abused, then maybe they'd make an effort too to make it stop. Because most people allow it to happen by ignoring it, thinking there's nothing they can do about it. So I started writing a novel about the subject, thinking that by touching the water surface, I could make the rings spread. Because that's actually what happens. It's like rings in the water. Make an effort for change, and you'll inspire others to do the same, who again will inspire others, and so on. From the feedback I've gotten on my novel so far, I've managed to spread awareness of the subject, and inspired many to do the same, I've inspired victims to break the silence and start their journey towards a better life. I said to myself, if my writing could truly help just one person, then I'll know it was worth the effort. I've helped many, and it means the world to me to know I have.
I'm not saying this to brag, I'm saying this to show that it's worth the effort. If we don't try, nothing will change. If we don't touch the water surface, the rings in the water won't spread, won't even get the chance to. And if you feel that you're just one raindrop in the pond, that your efforts won't mean a thing, then just imagine this: Your efforts are a raindrop in a pond, and that drop spreads its rings. The other drops sees this effect, and are inspired to do the same. Eventually, it'll start raining, slowly but surely, and the rings will cover the entire pond.
A little metaphor on how important one person can be, how important the effort of one is.

So never give up! You do matter, and the world needs you :)

(and sorry for writing this much ^^;  I got carried away... )
scaredlittlewitch Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Student General Artist
Its alright, i dont think you got carried away. Youre knowledgable and wise, you expanded, translated, and reworded what i said (minus the novel part of course). Im sorry im replying to this just now, i saw this a lot of times but i had no idea what to reply. But what you said has left me speechless (in a good way :3 ).
gueps-wolf Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
n.n Love it. Sounders to tha power! >.<
Hedgehog101 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
I love this so much. Looks like graphite drawings.
GhostReach Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Student Artist
That blur is breaking the record of epicness. I love it. Love Saunders, looks like he is deep in his memories.
FaithStarLight Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's like a distant, in the past picture. Like a memory? It's cool to see Saunders again :D I love the details on his hair and his, somewhat, content expression :) Lovely work as always! :hug:
DarkDryad17 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Looks almost like its meant to be a 3d image... nice!
red-mohawk Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Student General Artist
I like black and white pictures. Saunder's looks pretty mellow here. Though, his eyes seem pretty dark, from my sight. I wonder what happend to him....
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