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March 18, 2011
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Part One: The Violent/Sadistic/Angry Side

1. Does your character have temper problems?

Sam: uhm... I can get pretty angry sometimes, but I don't think I have temper problems? Right Spike?

Spike:  You broke my jaw.

Author: your turn, Spike.

Spike: I tend to get easily pissed off, yeah.

2. Has your character ever beat someone to the pulp?

Sam: *cough* once..

Spike: yeah, I have, a few times..

3. Does your character get angry over stupid situations?

Sam: no, I mostly have a fair reason for getting angry.

Spike: Me? dunno.

4. Have they ever destroyed/killed something out of blind rage?

Sam: no. Or I hit Spike out of blind rage but I didn't de-... oh, righ, I destroyed his jaw...

Spike: Both.

5. Does he or she often get into fights?

Sam:  I got in a fight with Spike's bully once. I couldn't stand seeing someone so dear to me being hurt, so I, well, beat him up..

Spike: I get into fights all the time. Hardly me who starts it, though.

6. Is your character violent towards friends?

Sam: ...don't look at me like that, Spike... <_<

Spike: *arches a brow*

Author: Sam, how is Spike towards his friends? Is he violent?

Sam: no, or, well, only if you get too close, like hugging him. But he's gotten better when it comes to the whole touch-me-and-I'll-redecorate-your-face thing.. I think he's really sweet, though.  I'd trust him with my life.

Author: Spike, same question.

Spike: Sam ain't a violent person. The fight was just as much my fault as it was his. ...And I was being more violent than him - it's just that he's-.....stronger, than me. *is a little bitter to admit it* So his punches caused more damage.

Sam: thank you for supporting me. See what I mean? he's a true friend ^^

Spike: I wasn't being supportive. just honest.

7. Do they enjoy other's pain?

Sam: no, I can't stand seeing others being in pain. It just breaks my heart. I'm one of those who start crying if someone else is crying, y'know. Or, I don't always cry, but I get sad. But if I see someone hurting someone innocent, I can get furious. So, no - I do not enjoy other's pain, at all.

Spike: ...I kinda do. Not the ones close to me, but other people... *eyes go dark, stares empty at some spot on the floor, thoughtful* I enjoy seeing my enemies suffer.

Sam: o_o '

8. If your character were to get in a fight, would they lose control and kill the other person? Do they tend to daze out and overdo it?

Sam: *looks at Spike*

Spike: You tend to overreact, Sam. Big time. But you'd never kill anyone.

Sam: *smiles a little, relieved and thankful* I sorta black-out when I lose control like that, so I don't know what I'm capable of doing when things get out of hand like that. I mean last time, I "woke up" by Spike's screaming, and was met by the sight of him covered in blood. I've never been so scared in my entire life.

Spike: ..I didn't scream...

Sam: your jaw was smashed into smithereens, Spike..! Even the most stoic person would scream in a similar situation. Don't feel embarrased.

Spike: ok, fine.. but I didn't cry..!

Sam: no, you were brave. (seriously, he's stoic as hell! He did cry, though, but I think that's because I hit some tear canals of whatever, at least that's what he told me...We never speak of the times he's cried in front of me - he's so embarrassed over it, so I've promised never to mention it)

9. If someone they loved was in danger, would they react violently to the situation?

Sam: well, obviously.. I'd do anything to protect or save that person.

Spike: I'd killed the bastard.

10. Has he or she been considered insane due to any 'RAWR BITE YOUR FACE' problems?

Sam: ...not really. *looks at Spike again* You did say some pretty mean things to me though.

Spike: I didn't call you insane.

Author: have you ever been considered insane, Spike?

Spike: yeah, I suppose... *shrug* There's been some-...pretty fucked up incidences where my behavior has been concluded with insanity.

Sam: never told me this?

Spike: They can't prove anything, so it doesn't matter.

The Sad/Emo/Depressing Side

1. Does your character react well to death?

Sam: no, I don't like the thought of death. *shudder* I mean I don't like the thought of anyone close to me being dead.

Spike: comment.

Author: why?

Spike: (I don't wanna talk about my views on death in front of Sam. You know how he is..)

2. How does your character react to a break up or something along those lines?

Sam: not at all good. It gets me really depressed.

Spike: *shrug*

Author: how about the fallout you guys had? how did each of you react to that?

Spike: ...Sam turned emo. *smirk*

Sam: I did not! <_<   But I was really depressed because of it..

Spike: I tried to think of something else. The thought of Sam made me...mostly angry.

Sam: You didn't miss me at all?

Spike: I did miss you. A little. I missed the old you, and was furious at the new you.

3. Is your character usually sad?

Sam: no, only in that period. But I think I'm pretty much cheerful all the time.

Spike: I don't really have much to smile about, so I guess; yeah.

4. Does your character get sad over stupid things?

Sam: I think I had a pretty good reason.

Spike: no, I don't.

5. Is your character offended easily, and if so do they cry?

Sam: yeah, I get easily offended. But I don't cry about it..!

Spike: I don't really care that much about the shit people say about me. Most of the time I actually agree with them.

6. What is the most depressing thing that's happened to them, yet?

Sam: First when my mother left us, second was the fallout.

Spike: comment.

7. Let's say someone calls your character ugly, how would they react?

Sam: ..I'd be very sad, and probably believe them. I mean, I am-.,

Spike: Oh just-..shut up, Sam, you're not fat! sheesh!

Sam: b-but.. ;__;

Spike: just stop it. If someone calls YOU ugly, then ignore them or kick their asses.

Sam: would you have done that?

Spike: if someone called you ugly? yeah, I'd beat the bejesus outta them.

Sam: awww <3

Spike: doesn't mean I'll sleep with you... >_>

Sam: ó_ò But I didn't...say...that.

Author: O_<   ok, what the hell?

Spike: Sam's a fag and he wants to base me.

Sam: o___o""

author: aaah... ok. So, you're in love with Spike?

Sam: *blushes like a maniac* y-yeah... but I didn't say I'd go as far as to sleep with him..

Spike:  see? he's raving mad..! and he's got a horrible taste... >_>

author: psch... I disagree ;p *is female*

Sam: see?! Told ya you're not fugly! ^__^

Spike: pffft... >_> whatever... *doesn't believe them*

author: so if anyone called you ugly, Spike, how would you have reacted?

Spike: gotten a bit down, but they'd be right about it so I wouldn't have argued.

8. Name the people they care about the most, and how would they react if they died?

Sam: Spike and my dad. I can't survive without them.. And I don't wanna think about death.

Spike: Sam, actually. And Saunders, yeah. I wouldn't have been alive if it wasn't for them anyway. If Sam jumped, I'd jump after.

Sam: d'awww <3

Spike: don't touch me...

Sam: I wasn't trying to-... *sigh*

9. Jump back to the sweet days, how would they react if their parents were murdered?

Sam: oh hell.... ó___ò  Dude, what's with all these death questions?? I don't like to talk about that...

Spike: well, I'm an orphan so I guess it wouldn't have made any difference... Though, if I knew who'd murdered them I'd probably be out for revenge.

The Happy Side

1. What does your character enjoy most?

Sam: ^u^ hanging out with Spike.

Spike: yeah, I used to enjoy that too. Meeting you was like the highlight of the day.

Sam: aa-

Spike: no, I wasn't in love with you.

Sam: v_v '  *sighhh* I didn't mean that...

2. Is your character a happy person?

Sam: usually.

Spike: no.

3. Is it easy to put them into a good mood?

Sam: yeah, it doesn't take much to cheer me up ^__^

Spike: but you've gotta try harder when it comes to me..

4. When they're happy, are they hyper, sarcastic, or calm?

Sam: calm or hyper, depends on the situation.

Spike: calm and often sarcastic.

5. What do they do when they're in good moods?

Sam: everything and nothing ^-^

Spike: I'm always with Sam at those times, so it depends on what he decides we should do. Kinda..

6. Who cheers up your character the most?

Sam: Spike and my dad.

Spike: Sam. At least it used to be him..

Random/Stupid/Basic Questions

1. how tall are they?

Sam: 1,70 m

Spike: 1,73 m, and still growing I guess.

2. Gender?

Sam: male!

Spike: male.

3. Weight?

Sam: ... Can I choose not to answer?

Spike: somewhere around 58 kg. Sam weighs 10 kg more.

Sam: Spi-ike..!! >____<

Spike: you're not fat! Don't compare yourself to me.

4. Race?

Sam: anthropomorph; canid; dog; Golden Retriver, pure breed.

Spike: anthro, wolf, mutt.

Sam: mutt??

Spike: I'm crossbreed and part hybrid...

Sam: so? That doesn't make you a mutt..!

5. What color eyes do they have?

Sam: brown.

Spike: black, but Sam claims they're dark green.

Sam: they are!

6. Favorite colour?

Sam: blue, and maybe green. But mostly blue.

Spike: orange, or red.

7. Does your character have any disgusting habits?

Sam: no, I've stopped picking my nose XD

Spike: ..not that I know of.

8. Is he or she in a relationship?

Sam: nope.. v_v

Spike: no. I don't like binding. And me and Sam were never together.

Author: riiight, you were just bed-buddies! XD

Spike: Õ_Õ

Sam: oh shit..  c-calm down, Spike! ^^; sh-she didn't mean anything by it! It was just a joke! We've never-... you know.. Right? ( ò_ó take it back, dammit!! )

Spike: *death stare* you're SO dead when this quiz is ended...

Author: o_____o"

9. Describe their morning routine:

Sam: wake up, get dressed, brush my teeth and all that stuff, eat breakfast, watch TV...

Spike: it varies..

10. What time do they go to bed?

Sam: never later than midnight.

Spike:  whenever I fall asleep. I don't really sleep much.

11. Their career?

Sam: I haven't really thought about it. I don't know what I'd be good at.
Spike: I'm 13. I don't have a career.. >_>

12. Time for a weird, gross question! Has your character ever eaten someone alive or dead?

Sam:  O__O"   *shock* what kind of a question is that? D:>

Spike: no, people smell too bad. And I don't like eating...

Sam: you don't?

Spike:  No, I don't like having stuff in my mouth, and I find chewing a bit revolting.

Sam: huh... I didn't know that. No wonder you're so sk-...

Spike: You were saying..? >_>

Sam: nothing! sorry..
myep... another survey, this time starring Sam and a rather miffed Spike.. XD the survey takes place shortly after their fallout, so Spike is still angry at Sam. So he says a few things he wouldn't normally have said, but does it out of anger.

also, I had fun drawing the preview image.. x3

characters and art (C) Elise M. Syvertsen / oomizuao 2011
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"I got in a fight with Spike's bully once. I couldn't stand seeing someone so dear to me being hurt, so I, well, beat him up.."

""couldn't stand seeing someone so dear to me being hurt""

Sooooo, how come you broke Spike's jaw and tried to break his neck?
-You make sense Sam! ;p

And if Spikes weight is 58.. then he's not skinny? And if Sam's weight is 68 he is close to be(4kg) overweight... I mean.... I'm 15 and weighs 47/48, and are 170 cm... And my chest doesn't look like a bunch of bones, and it doesn't look like I'm starving either.
But when I look at your drawings of Spike it looks like he's almost starving to death. I know he has a lot of muscles tho... but he's only 13 years old, he shoudn't be 58 kg after your description of him. I might be over-writing about this stuff... ._.
I used this to check…

Don't take me wrong I actually love this, thanks for giving me something to read on untill I can read the whole Spike story! I have read it 2 times now(the 16 chapters), probably going to read it more :p
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