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March 18, 2011
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Part One: The Violent/Sadistic/Angry Side

1. Does your character have temper problems?

Sam: uhm... I can get pretty angry sometimes, but I don't think I have temper problems? Right Spike?

Spike:  You broke my jaw.

Author: your turn, Spike.

Spike: I tend to get easily pissed off, yeah.

2. Has your character ever beat someone to the pulp?

Sam: *cough* once..

Spike: yeah, I have, a few times..

3. Does your character get angry over stupid situations?

Sam: no, I mostly have a fair reason for getting angry.

Spike: Me? dunno.

4. Have they ever destroyed/killed something out of blind rage?

Sam: no. Or I hit Spike out of blind rage but I didn't de-... oh, righ, I destroyed his jaw...

Spike: Both.

5. Does he or she often get into fights?

Sam:  I got in a fight with Spike's bully once. I couldn't stand seeing someone so dear to me being hurt, so I, well, beat him up..

Spike: I get into fights all the time. Hardly me who starts it, though.

6. Is your character violent towards friends?

Sam: ...don't look at me like that, Spike... <_<

Spike: *arches a brow*

Author: Sam, how is Spike towards his friends? Is he violent?

Sam: no, or, well, only if you get too close, like hugging him. But he's gotten better when it comes to the whole touch-me-and-I'll-redecorate-your-face thing.. I think he's really sweet, though.  I'd trust him with my life.

Author: Spike, same question.

Spike: Sam ain't a violent person. The fight was just as much my fault as it was his. ...And I was being more violent than him - it's just that he's-.....stronger, than me. *is a little bitter to admit it* So his punches caused more damage.

Sam: thank you for supporting me. See what I mean? he's a true friend ^^

Spike: I wasn't being supportive. just honest.

7. Do they enjoy other's pain?

Sam: no, I can't stand seeing others being in pain. It just breaks my heart. I'm one of those who start crying if someone else is crying, y'know. Or, I don't always cry, but I get sad. But if I see someone hurting someone innocent, I can get furious. So, no - I do not enjoy other's pain, at all.

Spike: ...I kinda do. Not the ones close to me, but other people... *eyes go dark, stares empty at some spot on the floor, thoughtful* I enjoy seeing my enemies suffer.

Sam: o_o '

8. If your character were to get in a fight, would they lose control and kill the other person? Do they tend to daze out and overdo it?

Sam: *looks at Spike*

Spike: You tend to overreact, Sam. Big time. But you'd never kill anyone.

Sam: *smiles a little, relieved and thankful* I sorta black-out when I lose control like that, so I don't know what I'm capable of doing when things get out of hand like that. I mean last time, I "woke up" by Spike's screaming, and was met by the sight of him covered in blood. I've never been so scared in my entire life.

Spike: ..I didn't scream...

Sam: your jaw was smashed into smithereens, Spike..! Even the most stoic person would scream in a similar situation. Don't feel embarrased.

Spike: ok, fine.. but I didn't cry..!

Sam: no, you were brave. (seriously, he's stoic as hell! He did cry, though, but I think that's because I hit some tear canals of whatever, at least that's what he told me...We never speak of the times he's cried in front of me - he's so embarrassed over it, so I've promised never to mention it)

9. If someone they loved was in danger, would they react violently to the situation?

Sam: well, obviously.. I'd do anything to protect or save that person.

Spike: I'd killed the bastard.

10. Has he or she been considered insane due to any 'RAWR BITE YOUR FACE' problems?

Sam: ...not really. *looks at Spike again* You did say some pretty mean things to me though.

Spike: I didn't call you insane.

Author: have you ever been considered insane, Spike?

Spike: yeah, I suppose... *shrug* There's been some-...pretty fucked up incidences where my behavior has been concluded with insanity.

Sam: never told me this?

Spike: They can't prove anything, so it doesn't matter.

The Sad/Emo/Depressing Side

1. Does your character react well to death?

Sam: no, I don't like the thought of death. *shudder* I mean I don't like the thought of anyone close to me being dead.

Spike: comment.

Author: why?

Spike: (I don't wanna talk about my views on death in front of Sam. You know how he is..)

2. How does your character react to a break up or something along those lines?

Sam: not at all good. It gets me really depressed.

Spike: *shrug*

Author: how about the fallout you guys had? how did each of you react to that?

Spike: ...Sam turned emo. *smirk*

Sam: I did not! <_<   But I was really depressed because of it..

Spike: I tried to think of something else. The thought of Sam made me...mostly angry.

Sam: You didn't miss me at all?

Spike: I did miss you. A little. I missed the old you, and was furious at the new you.

3. Is your character usually sad?

Sam: no, only in that period. But I think I'm pretty much cheerful all the time.

Spike: I don't really have much to smile about, so I guess; yeah.

4. Does your character get sad over stupid things?

Sam: I think I had a pretty good reason.

Spike: no, I don't.

5. Is your character offended easily, and if so do they cry?

Sam: yeah, I get easily offended. But I don't cry about it..!

Spike: I don't really care that much about the shit people say about me. Most of the time I actually agree with them.

6. What is the most depressing thing that's happened to them, yet?

Sam: First when my mother left us, second was the fallout.

Spike: comment.

7. Let's say someone calls your character ugly, how would they react?

Sam: ..I'd be very sad, and probably believe them. I mean, I am-.,

Spike: Oh just-..shut up, Sam, you're not fat! sheesh!

Sam: b-but.. ;__;

Spike: just stop it. If someone calls YOU ugly, then ignore them or kick their asses.

Sam: would you have done that?

Spike: if someone called you ugly? yeah, I'd beat the bejesus outta them.

Sam: awww <3

Spike: doesn't mean I'll sleep with you... >_>

Sam: ó_ò But I didn't...say...that.

Author: O_<   ok, what the hell?

Spike: Sam's a fag and he wants to base me.

Sam: o___o""

author: aaah... ok. So, you're in love with Spike?

Sam: *blushes like a maniac* y-yeah... but I didn't say I'd go as far as to sleep with him..

Spike:  see? he's raving mad..! and he's got a horrible taste... >_>

author: psch... I disagree ;p *is female*

Sam: see?! Told ya you're not fugly! ^__^

Spike: pffft... >_> whatever... *doesn't believe them*

author: so if anyone called you ugly, Spike, how would you have reacted?

Spike: gotten a bit down, but they'd be right about it so I wouldn't have argued.

8. Name the people they care about the most, and how would they react if they died?

Sam: Spike and my dad. I can't survive without them.. And I don't wanna think about death.

Spike: Sam, actually. And Saunders, yeah. I wouldn't have been alive if it wasn't for them anyway. If Sam jumped, I'd jump after.

Sam: d'awww <3

Spike: don't touch me...

Sam: I wasn't trying to-... *sigh*

9. Jump back to the sweet days, how would they react if their parents were murdered?

Sam: oh hell.... ó___ò  Dude, what's with all these death questions?? I don't like to talk about that...

Spike: well, I'm an orphan so I guess it wouldn't have made any difference... Though, if I knew who'd murdered them I'd probably be out for revenge.

The Happy Side

1. What does your character enjoy most?

Sam: ^u^ hanging out with Spike.

Spike: yeah, I used to enjoy that too. Meeting you was like the highlight of the day.

Sam: aa-

Spike: no, I wasn't in love with you.

Sam: v_v '  *sighhh* I didn't mean that...

2. Is your character a happy person?

Sam: usually.

Spike: no.

3. Is it easy to put them into a good mood?

Sam: yeah, it doesn't take much to cheer me up ^__^

Spike: but you've gotta try harder when it comes to me..

4. When they're happy, are they hyper, sarcastic, or calm?

Sam: calm or hyper, depends on the situation.

Spike: calm and often sarcastic.

5. What do they do when they're in good moods?

Sam: everything and nothing ^-^

Spike: I'm always with Sam at those times, so it depends on what he decides we should do. Kinda..

6. Who cheers up your character the most?

Sam: Spike and my dad.

Spike: Sam. At least it used to be him..

Random/Stupid/Basic Questions

1. how tall are they?

Sam: 1,70 m

Spike: 1,73 m, and still growing I guess.

2. Gender?

Sam: male!

Spike: male.

3. Weight?

Sam: ... Can I choose not to answer?

Spike: somewhere around 58 kg. Sam weighs 10 kg more.

Sam: Spi-ike..!! >____<

Spike: you're not fat! Don't compare yourself to me.

4. Race?

Sam: anthropomorph; canid; dog; Golden Retriver, pure breed.

Spike: anthro, wolf, mutt.

Sam: mutt??

Spike: I'm crossbreed and part hybrid...

Sam: so? That doesn't make you a mutt..!

5. What color eyes do they have?

Sam: brown.

Spike: black, but Sam claims they're dark green.

Sam: they are!

6. Favorite colour?

Sam: blue, and maybe green. But mostly blue.

Spike: orange, or red.

7. Does your character have any disgusting habits?

Sam: no, I've stopped picking my nose XD

Spike: ..not that I know of.

8. Is he or she in a relationship?

Sam: nope.. v_v

Spike: no. I don't like binding. And me and Sam were never together.

Author: riiight, you were just bed-buddies! XD

Spike: Õ_Õ

Sam: oh shit..  c-calm down, Spike! ^^; sh-she didn't mean anything by it! It was just a joke! We've never-... you know.. Right? ( ò_ó take it back, dammit!! )

Spike: *death stare* you're SO dead when this quiz is ended...

Author: o_____o"

9. Describe their morning routine:

Sam: wake up, get dressed, brush my teeth and all that stuff, eat breakfast, watch TV...

Spike: it varies..

10. What time do they go to bed?

Sam: never later than midnight.

Spike:  whenever I fall asleep. I don't really sleep much.

11. Their career?

Sam: I haven't really thought about it. I don't know what I'd be good at.
Spike: I'm 13. I don't have a career.. >_>

12. Time for a weird, gross question! Has your character ever eaten someone alive or dead?

Sam:  O__O"   *shock* what kind of a question is that? D:>

Spike: no, people smell too bad. And I don't like eating...

Sam: you don't?

Spike:  No, I don't like having stuff in my mouth, and I find chewing a bit revolting.

Sam: huh... I didn't know that. No wonder you're so sk-...

Spike: You were saying..? >_>

Sam: nothing! sorry..
myep... another survey, this time starring Sam and a rather miffed Spike.. XD the survey takes place shortly after their fallout, so Spike is still angry at Sam. So he says a few things he wouldn't normally have said, but does it out of anger.

also, I had fun drawing the preview image.. x3

characters and art (C) Elise M. Syvertsen / oomizuao 2011
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Well, I have a lot of similarities with Spike and now like him even more :)
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I have no idea who these characters are, but i'll pay for the author's hospital/funeral bill after Spike gets done with him (jk)


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