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you can't kill me by oomizuao you can't kill me by oomizuao
"you can't kill me, 'cos I'm already inside you..." ~ SlipKnoT

this is Spike and Hatred. Hatred is a shapeshifter and demon, who talks to Spike occasionally. Spike sees him as a real creature, when really Hatred is just an emotion. Spike's brain's way of protecting Spike, in a complicated way... He's an emotion Spike is afraid of admitting he has.

Hatred is a personality inside of Spike, which is actually a defense mechanism; an extreme way of bottling up bad memories after long term abuse.
Hatred started out as an undefined shape, in the mind of Spike when he was a child, and was a kinder, but rude personality. Spike talked back to Hatred because, well, he had no one else in the world to talk to at the time.
Hatred soon told Spike things he should do to harm or even kill Charles (his abusive uncle, to those who don't know). But Spike was too afraid of Charles to do anything back. Besides, he was a brainwashed kid, who believed Charles loved him and that he deserved the abuse.
Hatred got sick of Spike never listening to him, eventually, and tried taking over his mind permanently. He would talk down to Spike, in a way that Spike would believe in it. The plan was that if he could get Spike to trust him, he could easily take over his mind. However, Spike started hating Hatred, because he'd completely stopped being nice to Spike, he was just a rude, evil and unpleasant creature. And Spike wanted to get rid of him.
This was, in a way, Hatred's plan all along; the more hate Spike had, and felt, the more alike they would be, and when Spike eventually became full of hate, they would end up being the one and same person...

So, this is just a drawing to have fun with that idea, of Hatred and Spike becoming one. And I like the idea that Hatred can do whatever he wants to Spike, but Spike can't even touch Hatred -- because he only exists in Spike's mind, but Spike doesn't even realize that.

So I think that quote there fits... :3 "you can't kill me 'cause I'm already inside you"

..and Hatred can't really kill Spike since he's just a figment of Spike's imagination..


Drawn on livestream!

thanks for watching :D

art and characters (C) Elise M. Syvertsen / oomizuao 2012
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raptorkil Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Dracold Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Who is the Hatred? Is it the one on the left? The one on the left looks like he's smiling, while the one on the right looks like the one full of hate.

Oh, this feeling. So familiar. And he came back for me again.
stefalex1138 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015
If American McGee made a remake of Alice Through the Looking Glass! I hope nobody takes this joke the wrong way, and if you do, I apologize in advance.
WaveOfFire Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Geez it kinda sounds like spike should go see a doctor. I mean I have family members like this, something tells me that ain't a good sign!
chakradiehardfan Featured By Owner May 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hatred may actually be able to kill Spike. If he stays with Spike for too long, chances are that Spike's sanity will diminish and falter. It will make him go insane and as a result, commit self harm or suicide. So in a way, Hatred truly can kill Spike; the process is just very long.
DreamingDeepestBlakk Featured By Owner May 7, 2015
Yet, nor shall I feed you.
Bwa hahaha.
extremespeeds Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
This looks really great. I really hope he's a fully fledged character!
Spike: I don't think so. We just cut up our friend Sam with a chainsaw. Does that sound... "fine"?
DomusVocis Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
El-Drago-800 Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
unicorn-skydancer08 Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
RenneganRenagaid6 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
Who is spike? Does he come from a series or just your design?
stargirlstan Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014   General Artist
dude.....loads of awesome
Kintamya Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
Wow! I am very impressed!
rosey996 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Student General Artist
VivianStorm Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013
Wow! So cool!
dardyone Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Student Photographer
it you can only see the bottom quarter of the image and start reading it looks like spike and hatred move toward each other O.o
SuperElmore64 Featured By Owner May 7, 2013
Riobersair Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
That is an amazing picture. I like how it shows that everyone of use has a darker side.
rinredridingwolf Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013
The message behind this is portrayed so BRILLIANTLY!
ByzantineFirefly Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i cant find a link to the comic online ;-;
Chesire--Wolf Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
what chapters is Hatred mentioned in?
husky-92 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
che figo
LukosMelanos Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013
great :)
Haranuva Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
wow.... your concept of making Hate into a character, and the story you put into it, its just pure genius! I never really liked Furies much, but your art really intrigues me! :O Keep up the good work and I am now stalking your art! ^^
Alashion Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
The story... T_T...
Jack3L6 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012
I have to favorite this one, because I like Slipknot. I gotta say, this also reminds me of Animal I Have Become, as well as The Animal and Inside the Fire by Disturbed.
Foxiwan Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012
Reminds me of the song Animal I Have Become.
pandan009 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
clovercarmen5 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
wow we got a badass over here! :iconwegotabadassplz:
dene-dle Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
So incredibly epic! I am stunned and left in awe~ *bows* I am NOT worthy... of such artistic prowess! :3 Amazing work!
Huskypawz Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
i really like the story behind Spike and Hatred:) very nice drawing:D reminds me of the movie Mirrors
Dong-Saeng Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
That is a really amazing concept I really loved the drawing and the comment you wrote for the drawing.
It's really an amazing job you've done here ^_^
AnuZ16 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012
Killer-Paw Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
this is kinda like my oc....she has a evil side ....that thrys to do her wrong
red-mohawk Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012  Student General Artist
This is like me in so many ways. (sigh) You just have to hate that inner demon that's lurking in the darkest corners of your mind.
lttttt Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012  Student General Artist
amazing drawning and amazing description!
JC-Yuna Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this picture is REALLY good btw X3 :dummy: i love how you got that effect :3
JC-Yuna Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
D: this reminds me of that movie Mirrors :S
dunes600 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nona49er Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012
waffluver13 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2012
thats so cool
ZalgaDemented Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes you can kill him!
I know because I killed my!
Sabby1300 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
"This was, in a way, Hatred's plan all along; the more hate Spike had, and felt, the more alike they would be, and when Spike eventually became full of hate, they would end up being the one and same person..."
That is so trippy and so awesome at the same time. It would make a great movie! Oh, wait. Black Swan did something like that. My bad. Anyways, still awesome. I love dark, psychological themes.
thespartanpenguin Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
Hopefully sam, ray or anyone can save spike from himself
missnothing21 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
thats so amazing, and the entire idea for the story as well... i love creepy mirror stuff, you've definitely got so much talent
Isashadow Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome *o*
Teranomine Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012
soooo awesome *Q*
ZacharyZemsen Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This reminds me of one of my characters...
I didn't steal your idea, I swear!
Taleigh-Rae Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
would it be okay with you if I used this for reference? Just the pose. I want to do a reflection picture with my character Zane. Figured it wouldn't hurt to ask if I could ref this.
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