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January 8, 2012


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deleted because...

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 8, 2012, 3:15 PM

I deleted the colored version for my deviation "SMILE, you bastard", simply because I'm sick of hearing "oh, he looks like Sasuke!" and "omg Sasuke and Naruto" EVERY goddamn time I draw my characters realistically.

Look, the ONLY similarity between Sam and Naruto is their flippin' hair color!
And Spike and Sasuke? Similar bangs, and that's your reason for saying they're the same character? COME ON!

Sorry for the rare outburst of rage here, but seriously... I'm sick of all the this-character totally-looks-like-my-fav-anime-character people.
Go be Narutards somewhere else... I'm sick of it.

Sick of when everytime someone, no matter who it is, comes up with an original character, someone else is always there to compare them to some more or less famous Anime character! WHAT's THE POINT?!

No, really? What's the point?!


dear watchers... You guys are the best. I'm not aiming this rage at you. I love you guys and how supportive you are. So just pay no mind to this rant...

I'm just...

...I'll go take a deep breath, and continue with my writing instead.

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Chobits-Chik Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm a narutard and I KNOW it's Sam and Spike because I have a brain. I can clearly tell the difference and I really like your realist characters and I love the noses that you draw, sorry that you had to delete your art due to a bunch of people who can't read
VioGreen77 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012
Aww, I'm sorry, Oomi! D=

I agreed with one person that they kinda reminded me of L and Light from Deathnote (they didn't look even that similar, but it was one of those "now that you mention it..." types of things ><).

But Naruto? ... I didn't really see it. O.o

Regardless, I always love seeing your interpretations of your characters (anthro or human, their personalities are very interesting and you normally have very profound symbolism or something that generally catches the eye).
You could always draw an effigy of Naruto and Sasuke and then just say "Bitch, please" and show Spike and Sam bashing them out of the way for the spotlight. XD (Or just do that with Spike because I don't see Sam as the type to beat someone up. XDD).
Ali-C-05 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012  Student General Artist
I don't even know what Naruto is :D I like your character for who you make them to be and the personalities you give them through your pictures
Wingedthing1026 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012  Student
I didnt make that connection at all, and still don't agree with it even after it being pointed out to me...They really look nothing like the characters....hehe I think yours are much cuter :3
SlummingItWithJohnny Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
i hate that to
SnowRaven-Moonstar Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012   Writer
It's a common thing across DA (and probably the internet art world I imagine). People see what they want to see. The stupid thing is that DA has a place to post comments about the art that is shared (and so do lots of other art sites as well) and yet people still don't read the comments or do and comment like that anyway. I think i've been guilty of doing that in the past too but I don't now because I realize that it is kind of offensive in it's own way. It would be akin to telling me as a writer that my characters remind them of characters in another book (worse if I haven't read it) :)

Maybe you could post the picture again without the comments enabled. Just a thought. :D but it's up to you.
Fawkes-Winchester Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
That makes me angry, and when I get angry Mr Bigglesworth gets upset, and when Mr Bigglesworth gets upset...people DIE!!! D8<

Also, you should totally have a bounty on their heads for...ONE MILLION DOLLOARS! :icondrevilplz:
xLuna-Bubbles12x Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That was fucking retarded of them to say that!

Love the picture, by the way.
Eriyonai Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012
I'm really sorry. I was one of those people. Sam and Spike are very distinctive characters. It's just... well take Harry Potter. He really isn't that special looking. Curly black hair, glasses. It's his scar that's his distinguishing feature. And yet after the explosion of the series' popularity, every single boy with glasses and that sort of curly black hair is suddenly 'harry potter-ish.' I wear a lot of v-neck sweaters or sweater vests with button down shirts underneath. This style is ancient. It's so normal it's not even funny. And yet, regardless of what else I'm wearing or what have you, I have had people tell me on countless occasions that the look is 'very harry potter'. Honestly, it amuses me to no end. People love popular icons, love comparing things... drawing comparisons, whether it be in the media, aspects of our lives, whatever, seems to me to be one of the things that draws us together. It's how conversations get started.
and it really doesn't take much to remind people of something. If 'curly black hair and glasses' is all it takes to immediately spring to mind Harry Potter, a single character, then with the amount of similarities between Salmonspike and Sasunaru -- albeit similarities that really are very few in the big picture -- two teenaged boys who are five times more recognizable as a pair than alone, one dark and sullen and you have to admit, inadvertently rocking really similar bangs, the other cheery and blond... it's really bound to happen. I really didn't mean any offense at all by what I said, and honestly if I had thought it would have frustrated you in the least I never would have said anything of the kind, so I'm really sorry about that, because I completely see why it could. My intention was not at all to imply unoriginality, nor did the thought even cross my mind. The shared traits between the two pairs are pure coincidence, and honestly just something I thought was interesting, because I love drawing comparisons, and happen to love both duos. If anything I'm glad for the similarities, because it is as perfectly silly for anyone to have a monopoly on 'two boys, one with long spiky black bangs and the other with blond hair' as it is to have one on 'boy with curly black hair and glasses'.
With all the comments I'm sure you got on this, not even sure you'll read this, but I wasn't about to go digging through all your comments to find out if anyone had made exactly the point I wanted to... and anyway, nobody else can apologize for what I said. I really loved your drawing. I hope you don't feel too badly about it now because of what happened, because I can tell a lot of love and work went into it and that would be terrible, because it absolutely beautiful and definitely one of the top Sam and Spikes you've ever done. I was honestly really touched when I saw it.
Sorry this is so long. ♥ Hope the bad feelings fade soon.
Star-Seal Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012
Aaaaaaah you just got bit by the worst ignorant mistake on deviantart and for that I am sorry. In the future, if you know it's going to happen, I would say either disable comments and politely explain in your artist's comments why comparing and OC to someone else's work is offensive and thoughtless, or just really prep yourself to get a lot of 'looks like' comments and know they don't mean to be like that, many just don't know better.

In the meantime, still sorry this happened.
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